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Recently a student asked what my opinion was about a certain type of gym equipment. After some discussion, I mentioned how I preferred to "warm up" utilizing core work, such as abdominal training. Especially if I'm going to be doing barbell squats or kettlebells, for instance.

Years ago a company called Health For Life released a program called Legendary Abs. It was advertised in all of the "rags" back then to make one's midsection strong and deliver washboard abs. I bought into the hype and purchased the program.

What wasn't advertised was the program's difficulty. I mean it is downright hard to get through. There are 9 levels to the program and the highest I ever got was Level 6. However, persistence is key and understanding that it isn't a race. This type of training takes time.

Personally, I've have always used this program as a warm up prior to various workouts. I have started and restarted this program many times over the decades I've had it. I'm currently on Level 4 again, which is what I consider the beginning of the intermediate stage. My goal for 2024 is to climb up to Level 7. Being in my 50's now, this will be difficult, but attainable if I stick with it.

It's so easy to allow our midsections to fall out of shape. When it comes to core development there is no substitute for hard work. However, a strong core goes a long way in preventing other issues down the road as we get older. If anyone wants a copy of all the levels send me a message or email.

Now time to get to work!

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