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Functional Judo Fundamentals

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WHY A DISTANCE LEARNING JUDO PROGRAM? There are people throughout the world that want or need to learn Judo and earn rank, but don’t have an actual club or sensei in their area. This distance learning program helps solve that issue. ARE YOU A REPUTABLE INSTRUCTOR? My name is Chris Mikuta. I am a Sandan, or 3rd degree Black Belt, in Judo certified under the sport governing body of USA Judo. I’ve competed in IJF, AAU and Freestyle Judo competitions, at the local, State and National levels, earning many competitive top 3 finishes, including in various AAU National Championships. I earned my Shodan in 2010, and I’ve also been certified as a National USA Judo Coach. Over a decade I’ve instructed and coached others in Judo, and since that time I have either assisted or overseen the promotion of more than 10 students to the rank of Judo Black Belt. WHAT DOES ALL OF THAT MEAN? Bottom line, it means I can take a new student and competently get them to a functional level of proficiency in the martial art of Judo, if they are willing to put in the work and dedicate themselves to the training. This course is not an all inclusive resource for Judo. My goal is to provide relevant information, and a method for an individual to train and earn rank in Judo over a period of time. It won’t be easy, as nothing worth earning ever is. However, if you believe I can help you, then let’s get to the training! Begin by enrolling in this free course and learning the information. The journey begins!

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